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Please login to the customer download area for downloading q-doc, incl. demo versions and documents. If you don't have a login account, please contact us by e-mail.

Remote Support


Here SECOM provides the q-doc integratable version 8 of TeamViewer.

You can directly start "TeamviewerQS.exe" after download, and contact our support.

Furthermore, you can also update the built-in q-doc (Menu> Help> Online Support) TeamViewer as a q-doc user.

Therefore please also download the "TeamviewerQS.exe" and replace the existing in the path below of your q-doc software:

C:\Programme\SECOM\q-doc 3cSP2\System\Res\Bin*

*The above path may be different in your environment.

After replacing the "TeamviewerQS.exe" the new version is integrated directly into your q-doc software and immediately available.


Teamviewer Version 8