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The core development tool we use is Borland Development Studio 2006 (Delphi). Delphi is used in the development of technical applications. These include

  • the development of multi-threading capable and low-level assembly language Windows software, e.g. device control and analysis tools;
  • user-run applications for the recording and analysis of measurements;
  • database connections;
  • intuitively operable graphic user interfaces.


The whole software development process is subject to validation while simultaneously adhering to the applicable rules such as cGMP, GAMP, FDA: CFR 21 Part 11.

Current projects include

  • q-doc prolab® software for controlling, recording and archiving measured values of various physical laboratory measuring equipment,
  • controlling and recording a Content Testing System (CTS) for automatic specimen preparation.


ASP.NET is used with several internal tools. The development of database connections and user interfaces is the same as with Delphi. A current project is the internal SECOM programme for the recording and processing of changes (SCC – SECOM Change Control).