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The solution|variable measurement of tablets

In the pharmaceutical industry and in research, tablettesting apparatus is used as a control mechanism for quality assurance and product characterisation during the production process. In the development and production of hard tablets and other solid types of pharmaceuticals the determination of breaking strength, weight and dimensions is vitally important.


This novel optical process, for which the patent is pending, makes it possible to measure the thickness, diameter and breaking strength of all shapes of tablets, and process the data for analysis with ease using an automated procedure. The system can register shapes and colours, and all variations of score lines, and it can subject them to the test process. The apparatus can be controlled by using software that also has a learning mode so that it can learn the shadows for various shapes of tablets.

Currently, there are studies proceeding for the industrial implementation and the differentiated use in different sectors of the economy.


This is just one example of the inventive talent at SECOM. There are still many further challenges, which wait to be solved professionally. Our heads are already full of other innovations, and we are also always open for partners with whom we can make our solutions become real.