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Laboratory Monitoring Software System |with the highest level of automation

Measured values can be documented with the greatest precision and quality, and the system can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of the concerning laboratory. The system can also be expanded at any time.

q-doc prolab® has been developed for use in the pharmaceutical industry and other production plants taking into account the latest standards for quality documentation systems.

SECOM has experience and expertise of many years in creating and validating software for the pharmaceutical industry. The software was first installed in 1998 and has undergone constant development since then. It is now used in more than a hundred laboratories worldwide.

Since 07th October 2019 q-doc prolab® in version 4i is now replacing the existing quality documentation system.

q-doc 4i contains:

q-doc 4h contains:

q-doc 4g contains:

q-doc 4f SP2 contains:

q-doc 4f SP1 contains:

The q-doc 4f version contains:

  • New implementation of the floating license
  • Optimizations for Touch-Usage
  • The Data Trending can be opened independent from q-doc (second monitor)
  • New languages Polish and Portuguese
  • New device driver Pharmatron TM200
  • Many other optimizations

The q-doc 4e SP1 version contains:

The q-doc 4e version contains:

  • New driver for Mettler HB43 and HX204
  • bidirectional Communication for the Pharmatron MT50
  • OPC DA and AE Server
  • Many other optimizations

The new q-doc 4d version contains:

  • New spanisch translation
  • Improved french translation
  • New module Extended Evaluation:
    • Weight Variation (USP 905)
    • Tensile Strength (USP 1217)
    • Uniformity of Mass (EP 2.9.5)
    • Disintegration Retest (USP 701)
  • Filter functionality for the Job Center
  • Many other optimizations

The new q-doc 4c SP2 version contains:

  • New driver for the Pharmatron ST50 for bidirectional communication
  • Allow method depending product device settings
  • Many other optimizations

The new q-doc 4c version contains:

  • Register / Delete multiple test runs at once from the job center
  • Test classes and methods as tree view for an better overview in the product edit dialog
  • New Pass / Fail classification for test runs, optical information for this classification in the job center and search options for this classification
  • Many other optimizations


The new q-doc 4b version contains:

  • Allow working with Remote and/or Terminal Sessions. Floating Licenses available.
  • Improved summaries
  • Create own custom test classes
  • New device driver: Pharmatron DISI and Mettler HR83
  • Many other optimizations


The new q-doc 4a version contains:

  • Product Versioning
  • Creation of Product references and Product Templates
  • Copy of available Test Methods
  • New window for pending additional batch runs specially for automated systems (e.g. Sotax HT100) without system disturbing
  • New Test Item Catalogue
  • New Test Classes: Friability, Abrasion and Tapped Density
  • New device driver for: Pharmatron AT4, ST50, MT50, Sotax FT2 and TD1
  • Many other optimizations

Inherited from Version 3

  • Completely new “Look and feel”
  • New Job Center in main screen for direct access to running batches
  • Support of CHIP ID Transponder
  • CHIP ID Login for comfortable user authentication
  • Allow using test classes without dedicated test items
  • Allow creation of different test methods as sets of test items / test classes for each product, e.g. “Start”, “Middle”, “End”, “Summary”
  • User login over Windows domain
  • Excel export with more than 256 columns
  • Barcode scanner support for several data accesses
  • Labels as Script with new Report engine
  • Improved handling of Workgroups (users and/or Workstations)
  • Possible Barcodes on all Reports and Labels
  • Additional Tolerance definitions for Data Trending and Batch Comparison
  • Possibility to generate reports with different forms temporary
  • Turning back Licensing for MasterReport to 1f-mode. Master Report available in Full Version and for single workstations
  • Direct printout of Audit Trail
  • Possibility to have batch numbers to be unique at batch registration
  • Save Password history and select password-look-back level in security settings
  • Possibility to avoid additional batch runs under different circumstances
  • Possibility to protect critical „Save“ buttons with password confirmation, e.g. User Administration, Batch Judgment
  • Master Reports without test items will now show a summary list of test classes
  • New thumbnails of devices for quick drag & drop access to start measurements
  • Improved and new Print Event definition
  • Several new script events for improved customizing
  • Possibility to sign Reports as “invalid”
  • Product edit: Thumbnails indicating confirmed pages
  • Laboratory Monitoring Software System (LMSS)
  • Connection to the LIM system
  • Modular driver concept, allowing new components (measuring instruments or computers) to be integrated
  • Image the workflow
  • Recording of the relevant measurement data from various types of laboratory apparatus
  • Statistical analyses
  • Comparison of the results with the requirements
  • Data output in a protocol or a superordinate ERP system
  • Scalability that enables its use as a simple data acquisition and output system
  • Archiving.

Inherited from Version 2

  • Inherited from Version 2
  • Data Trending
  • Compact Report for Measurements
  • New Report-Engine
  • PDF Export native
  • New batch filter
  • Backup as SQL-Scripts. Possible reduction to batches with Date filter, saved as ZIP with Password
  • Manual Export in several formats: XML, HTML, XLS, CSV, TXT
  • New Batch Import Function
  • New Setup integrated: Just one installation; choose your language during the installation; more features for administrators
  • Three Languages: English, German, French

    The q-doc prolab® range is rounded off with meaningful additional modules, such as the export module and device manager. It complies with the GAMP4 regulations and the FDA: CFR21 Part 11 rules.

  • Full network capability
  • Windows user interface (Supports Windows 7)
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Electronic signature
  • Server solutions can be individually adapted
  • Export to Excel
  • Flexible report engine

q-doc prolab® users appreciate:

  • the uncomplicated operation and great level of automation;
  • the adaptability to laboratory activities;
  • the prompt programme customisation and training courses.


We also offer additional services, such as documentation, qualification (IQ, OQ), maintenance and training.