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New generation in Disintegration Testing
Efficient and innovative tablet inspection system for all solid tablet


Connected to the development and production of automated testing baskets the gained experiences were integrated and implemented in the development of an own Disintegration Tester SDx.

SDx meets all demands of USP and EP and sets standards through innovative techniques, new standards in the inspection and automated analysis.

Modern and ergonomic handling was connected with the technical requirements of the audit process. In particular, the disappearance of the water bath and the use of wireless basket characterised the new disintegration testing.


Properties / Characteristics:


Temperature control and recording  

  • Without water bath heating system
  • Direct heating of the test medium by induction heating
  • Time and energy saving
  • Very short warm, direct use is possible
  • Automatic test start in reaching the target temperature adjustable


Monitoring test medium

  • Collection and documentation of the level detection
  • pH-(value) measurement 
  • Full monitoring, control and documentation of the medium temperature by IR-technique before and during the test 


Wireless basket 

  • Automatic detection of the disintegration state
  • Robust procedures, an adjustment is not necessary
  • Wireless communication and control of disintegration basket for automated testing
  • Statistical monitoring and documentation of audit
  • Easy handling by smooth (running) magnetic suspension
  • Light industrial cleaning, corrosion-protected basket
  • Standard six version or three tube for large tablets available



  • wearless linear drive with brushless DC (BLDC)
  • Distance- und liftaction in a drive mechanism



  • Stand-alone device with a modern TFT touch screen or PC connection available
  • Operation with PC and q-doc prolab ® software, CFR21 Part11 compliant


SDx - Service Station 

  • Completion of the disintegration tester by the possibility of the parallel heating of test media and the inclusion of spare parts and accessories service