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Basket for Disintegration testing

The development of testing baskets for the world’s first automatic disintegration time tester for tablets in the pharmaceutical industry twenty years ago was one of the milestones in SECOM GmbH’s history.

The result of this development work and its continuation and further development is still one of the most important foundations for automated disintegration time testing in pharmaceuticals and is the basis for all similar items. The simple and robust principle for the automatic identification of disintegration time makes this system the first choice for in-process and quality controls.

The service package also includes the integration of a temperature sensor for documenting the temperature of the medium, and it includes as well the alternative cordless testing basket. There are also versions available with a standard six or three tube basket for especially large tablets. All models are conform with the European and US pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. and USP).

With the development of a separate product line for the area of Physical Testing and the Device Development SDx, SECOM completes the supply of automated disintegration baskets with a wireless basket.

The disintegration test is recorded through the automatic recognition of the disc contacting with the split stainless steel contact plate. The transfer of the measured data guarantees an exact documentation. Different discs for different tablet shapes (e.g. coated tablets or gelatine capsules) optimise the measuring process.

The product range encompasses


   - automatic testing basket


   - automatic testing basket with temperature sensor


   - cordless automatic testing basket


   - cordless automatic testing basket with temperature sensor