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Electronic Modules

COMx are different modules for different areas of application, which can be components of a complete system. The COMx series is characterised by its standard communication interface (RS2323), the appropriate communication protocol and modular construction for complex systems (e.g. fully automatic systems).

The main control unit is the COMflex, which is responsible for controlling all the other modules. The control runs on the PC.

Areas of application are:

  • Controlling multiphase stepper motors – COMstep
  • Controlling brushless DC motors – COMbldc
  • 24V output drivers – COMswitch
  • User input units with display – COMdisplay
  • System monitoring with GSM modem – COMgsm


  • Intelligent multiphase stepper motor driver
  • RS232 interface for configuration and control
  • Can be operated in real time through SRQ (service request line)
  • Two freely configurable sensor inputs (NO, NC, PNP, NPN)
  • Step frequencies up to 5kHz
  • Full, half, quarter, sixteenth step operation
  • Controlling of bipolar multiphase motors
  • Can work with up to 1 A steady current (2.5 A short-term)
  • 24V DC supply
  • Compact construction.

Other COMx modules:

  • COMio – 8 potential-free inputs, 8 driver outputs
  • COMdisplay – Display module with display
  • COMad – Measurement of voltages and currents, connection to sensor system
  • COMgsm – GSM modem, SMS control, transmit/receive
  • COMcom – Connection module for connection to additional bus systems
  • COMrfid – Read out and write RFid
  • COMbasket - control wireless basket
  • COM …