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SECOM GmbH is in existence since 1999 and has arisen out of the individual enterprises of the proprietor, graduate physicist Thomas Kollewe. This was preceded by the successful work of his father, Helmuth Kollewe, who particularly concentrated on the development of testing baskets for automatic disintegration testers for tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. The development of testing baskets for the world’s first automatic disintegration time tester for tablets in the pharmaceutical industry over 20 years ago was one of the first milestones in the establishment of the company. The result of this development work and its continuation and further development is still one of the most important foundations for automated disintegration time testing in pharmaceuticals, and it is the basis for all similar items.

Today SECOM GmbH continues this tradition and has successfully established itself in the hardware and software sectors with both: new and further development of pharmaceutical test devices.

Know-how and innovation are the foundations of this growing company. The focus of our work in the pharmaceutical sector is to fulfil the needs of our customers by using laboratory technology of a very high technical standard, linked with the requirements for a modern laboratory monitoring software system (LMSS) which we realise with q-doc prolab® and the interconnection of expertise in software and hardware development.